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Yang-Cheng Shih



Name Yang-Cheng Shih  施陽正
Position Professor
Researcj Room Room 516-1, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3517
Fax (02)2731-4919
E-mail f10958@ntut.edu.tw
Personal Website  http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~f10958/




M.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Ph. D Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


Work Experience

Assistant Professor, National Taipei Univetsity of Technology 2000~2005
Associate Professor, National Taipei Univetsity of Technology 2005~2011
Professor, National Taipei Univetsity of Technology 2011~
Chair, National Taipei Univetsity of Technology 2006~2009
Chair of Student Activity, Student Branch, Taiwan Chapter, ASHRAE
Chair of Research Promotion, Taiwan Chapter, ASHRAE
ASHRAE member
ASME member

 Research Topics

Application of Airflow Simulattion and Analysis in Refrigeration and Air Condition
Application of CFD Software in Engineering
Research into Solidification of a Binary Solution on Heat and Mass Transfer
Research into Thermal Comfort
Application of Heat and Fluids
Energy Techology


Teaching Subjects

Advanced Heat Transfer
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Fluid mechanics
Numerical Analysis
Applications of Heat Transfer

Publications Publication Lists
Research Projects Project Lists



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