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Lian-Han Chien


Name Lian-Han Chien  簡良翰
Position Distinguished Professor & Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Researcj Room Room 606, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3522
Fax (02)2731-4919
E-mail lhchien@ntut.edu.tw
Personal Website  https://academic.ntut.edu.tw/1781/1556/1928/
Team Website 




   Ph.D in Mechanical engineering/The Pennsylvania State University,USA  1993/6 - 1996/5
MS in Mechanical Engineering/The Pennsylvania State University,USA  1991/8 - 1993/5
BS in The department of naval architecture/National Taiwan University 1985/9 - 1989/6


Work Experience

   Postdoctoral Research Fellow/ The Pennsylvania State University,USA 1996/6 – 1997/6
Assistant Professor/Chang Gung University,Taiwan 1997/8 – 2002/7
Assistant Professor/ National Taipei University of Technology,Taiwan 2002/8 – 2005/4
Associate Professor/ National Taipei University of Technology,Taiwan 2005/5 –

 Research Topics

   Energy Technology
   Heat Exchanger Design
   Refrigerated air conditioning
   Thermal Analysis of Electronic Component
   Two-phase heat convection and mass transfer analysis
   Ultrasonic welding


Teaching Subjects

   Heat Exchanger Design
   Thermal Design of Electronic Devices
   Energy Engineering & Electronic Machinery System
   Two Phase Convection
   Advanced Heat Transfer
   Foundations of Fluid Mechanics

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