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Ming-Tsun Ke

Name Ming-Tsun Ke  柯明村
Position Associate Professor
Researcj Room Room 515-1, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3509
Fax (02)2731-4919
E-mail mtke@ntut.edu.tw
Personal Website  http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~mtke
Team Website http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~s9450315/




National Taiwan University Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. degree
National Taiwan University Mechanical Engineering M.S. degree


Work Experience

Assistant Professor, National Taipei Univetsity of Technology 1999~
Assistant Professor, National Taipei University of Technology 1997-2001
Sanyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Senior Researcher 1995/7 ~1997/8

 Research Topics

Energy resources
Cryogenic freezing
Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer
Computer Aided Engineering


Teaching Subjects

Thermodynamics for Refrigeration and Air-condition
Air-Condition Engineering and Design
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Energy Storage Technology
Ventilation Energy Conservation Technology
Energy Conservation in HVAC&R

Publications Publication Lists
Research Projects Project Lists