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Shih-Cheng Hu

Name Shih-Cheng Hu  胡石政
Position Distinguished Professor
Researcj Room Room B12, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3512 or 3588
Fax (02)2731-4919
E-mail f10870@ntut.edu.tw
Personal Website   http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~f10870/



Master, Mechanical Engine, Auburn University
Ph.D., Department of Architectural Engineering, Liverpool University


Work Experience

Professor, National Taipei University of Technology
Associate Professor, National Taipei University of Technology
Assistant professor, National Taipei University of Technology
Researcher, Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)
Visiting Professor, Particle Technology Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA
Director, Taiwan Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Society
Executive Director, Taiwan Cleaning Technology Association
Editor in chief,  Cleaning Technology Magazine


 Research Topics

Clean Room And Controlled Environment Air Conditioning And Pollution Control
Sustainable Building Environment Design
Indoor Air Quality
Energy-saving Technology
Heat Recovery Technology


Teaching Subjects

Clean Room Design
Indoor Air Quality Control
Air Conditioning System Design
Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Factory Systems
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer

Publcations Publication Lists
Research Projects Project Lists