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Kuoi-Peng Lee

Name Kuoi-Peng Lee  李魁鵬
Position Associate Professor
Researcj Room Room 419, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3520
Fax (02)8773-1582 / (02)2731-4919
E-mail kplee@ntut.edu.tw
Personal Website  http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~kplee




National Cheng Kung University Doctor of Architecture
National Cheng Kung University Master of Mechanical Engineering


Work Experience

National Taipei University of Technology Full-time associate professor 2012.8~
National Taipei University of Technology Assistant Professor 2001~2012.7
National Taipei University of Technology Full-time Assistant Professor 2000~2001
Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineer 1996~2001

 Research Topics

Industrial cryogenic refrigeration system
Air Conditioning System and Design
Energy Analysis and Energy Saving Design of Buildings
Building physical environment control and simulation analysis
Green building design
Biomedical cryogenic technology


Teaching Subjects

Refrigeration Engineering
Biomedical cryogenic technology
Design of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems
Construction Equipment
Energy Efficient Building Design

Publications Over Years Research Works
Research Projects Project Lists