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DAIKIN Air-conditioning Solvency

DAIKIN Air-conditioning Solvency

corporate vision: 
Investment - Refrigeration Air Conditioning Industry Development
Improvement - Quality of life Environmental sustainability
Creativity - a beautiful life, a peaceful society
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Employee Benefits:
"Incentive Salary"
"Complete career development"
"All-round safeguards and subsidies"
"Achieve a wonderful life"
"Personal Offer"
Job category:
Job category Work content
Domestic Business Personnel
1. Engineering company visit development
2. Engineering company management counseling
Case owner visit service
4. Planning unit assists in cooperation
5. Internal operation process
6. Corporate policy implementation
7. Competent matters
Domestic Business Personnel, Air-conditioning Refrigeration Technicians
1. Technician's client development and relationship maintenance.
2. Air-conditioning system design planning and proposals.
3. Planning and execution of business activities.
4. Education and training support and technical consulting services.
Marketing planners, Special supervisors,
Project managers
1. Japanese news and industry data collection and translation
2. Assistance in real estate matters
3. Higher level contacts and Japanese relations management and reception
4. Newsletter production and information gathering
5. Writing of public relations drafts
6. New business development
7. Top 100 Corporate Relations in Taiwan
8. International Related Information Collection
9. Group Affairs Communication and Contact
Domestic Business Personnel, Project Managers, Path Developers
1. Development of new distributors - Including engineering companies and distributors
2. Focus Market Development and Management
3. Dealer's case support and counseling
4. Establishment of database
5. Competent management1. Development of new distributors - Including engineering companies and distributors
2. Focus Market Development and Management
3. Dealer's case support and counseling
4. Establishment of database
5. Competent management
Pathway Developers, Site Supervisors/Directors, Foreign Operations Personnel
1. Japan's Import Commodity Sales and Access Management
2. Construction site management
3. Business Development and Development
4. Competent matters
Air-conditioning Refrigeration Technicians, Customer Service Personnel, After-sale Technical Service
1. Air conditioning equipment after-sales maintenance operations.
2. Air conditioning equipment maintenance operations.
3. Special case support.
4. Technical support (consultation) and guidance.
5. Cooperate with activities support, education and training assistants
6. Other supervisors’ temporary assignments
Air-conditioning Refrigeration Technicians, After-Sales Technical Service, Part-time Workers
1. Assist service staff in arranging the trip.
2. Assist service personnel to assist in on-site work.
3. Assist service personnel in preparatory work
Part-time Workers, Sales/Counter Staff, Store manager
1. Strengthen the sales staff of the store to guide consumers' "brand purchase transfer".
2. Assist sales promotion and highlight the functional advantages of our brand products.
3. Share his brand market share to maintain the stability of performance
4. Fully understand the trend of competing products
Warehousing and Logistics Personnel, Part-time Workers
1 parts warehouse operations: parts picking, shipping, storage, packaging, inventory.
2. Warehouse storage consolidation
3. The warehouse is cleaned and cleaned.
4. Documents assist in processing.
5. Competent issues.
Customer Service Staff, Part-time Workers, Administrative Assistants
1. Repair case registration and maintenance service work processing
2. Product consultation and operation guide
3. Service case contact and follow-up settlement
4. Discount program activity consultation and operation
5. Insurance card registration, parts elimination, repair short message sending
6. Supervisory temporary assignments
Domestic Business Personnel, Channel Developers, Chain Store Managers
1. Responsible for operating the dealership business in the jurisdiction.
2. Responsible for sales of air conditioners and other products.
3. Accounting and claims management.
4. Promotion of business activities.
5. Other supervisory assignments.


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