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Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Recruiting

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Recruiting

Job Demand Department Content
Layout Engineers Engineering 
1.Substrate circuit layout and design
2. Library establishment and maintenance / part layout
3.substrate contract drawing and engineering issues reply
Advanced Packaging Engineers Engineering 
1. Compatible with the process for evaluating new materials
2. New process development and planning
3. New product reliability research and structural mechanism derivation
4. New product development
Module Package Engineers Engineering
1. APQP, Product Planning Management
2. New product introduction and trial production
3. Sample process improvement
4. Project plan evaluation and specification
Chemistry, Materials, Chemical Engineering  1. Product planning
2. Process Evaluation and Improvement
3. Project Assessment and Product Specification Development
Electroplating process engineers Chemistry, Materials, Chemical Engineering 
1. Electroplating of copper, nickel, and film removal etching process maintenance and continuous improvement
2. Evaluate the process plan and plan the most appropriate manufacturing process
3. Regularly check the key parameters of the process equipment
4. Continuously improve the existing production process
Automation Control Engineers Electronic、Electrical、Mechanical Engineering 
1. Manage robot arm related software and applications
2. Advance verification of robotic arm automation equipment
3. Visual alignment software editing


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