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Recruit Professional and Technical Personnel as Teaching Methods

Teacher Evaluation Committee Setting Points

Chair of Department Selection Method

Department Conference organization Charter

Academic Committee Organizational Procedures

Curriculum Committee Organizational Procedures

Space Planning, Student Activites, Admissions Committee Constitution

Professor Vacation Points


Ph. D

Doctoral Candidate Application Form

Doctoral Candidiate Application Plan Format

Methodology for Doctoral Studies(Admission before 2008)

Methodology for Doctoral Studies(Admission at 2009)

Doctoral Course

Doctoral Dissertation Point Method

Doctoral Candidate Qualification Assessment Implementation Points

Doctoral Candidate Qualification Assessment Implementation Points (After 2011 School Semester)

Doctoral Candidate Qualification Assessment Implementation Points (After 2013 School Semester)  

Doctoral Class Guidance Professor Consent Table

Doctor Qualification Exam Proposition Reference

Doctor Qualification Exam Application

Doctoral Papers Point Counting List

Doctoral Degree Exam Application

Doctoral Degree Disqualification Exam Application

Qualification Exam Review Application Form

Dissertation Content and Order

Dissertation Content and Order(2014 School Semester)

Selected Regulations for Doctoral Studies

Selected Regulations for Doctoral Studies(2014 School Semester)


Master Course Process Diagram

On-the-job Master Engineering Mathematics Application Test Description

2007 School Semester Master Degree Graduate Program for Doctoral Studies

Master Class Graduation Process Schedule and Notes

Master Class Guidance Professor Consent Table

Master Degree Exam Method

Master Degree Exam Application

On-the-job Master Degree Exam Application

Master Program (2008 School Semester)

Master Program(2007 School Semester)

On-the-job Master Program

Master Program Process Diagram

Dissertation Content and Order

Master and Ph. D Guidance Professor Replacement Points



College Student Guidelines

Cross-section Elective Implementation Requirements

Independent Studies Related regulations

Independent Studies Evaluation Form

Independent Studies Pster Fromat


Continuing Educations

2015 Admission Guide

2014 Admission Gulde

2013 Admission Guide