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Yung-Chung Chang


Name Yung Chung Chang  張永宗
Position Professor
Researcj Room Room 522, Integrated Technology Complex
Telephone (02)2771-2171 extension 3518
Fax (02)2731-4919 / (02)2771-4995
E-mail ycchang@ntut.edu.tw
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National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering,Professor
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Department of Electrical,Bechelor
National Taipei University of Technology,Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning, The 16th


Work Experience

National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning, Professor and Chairperson
National Performing Arts Center National Theater & Concert Hall, Construction Division, Team Leader
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical, Associate Professor

Research Topics 

Calculation of energy-saving potential of air-conditioning systems
Performance evaluation of chiller
Energy-saving control of HVAC system
Optimal control strategy of the air conditioning system
Load management

Teaching Subjects

Control System Design
Air-Conditioning Management Automation
Circuit Theory
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