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ELSE1 冷凍空調&能源科技 2017-11-01  
ELSE1 冷凍空調技師季刊 2017-06-01  
ELSE1 冷凍空調技師期刊 2017-11-01  
SCI Journal of Mechanics 2017-10-01  
ELSE1 智動化 2017-10-01  
SCI Building Simulation 2017-10-01  
SCI&EI Optics and Laser Technology 2018-07-01  
SCI Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 2017-08-01  
SCI Investigation of A Potted Plant (Hedera helix) with Photo-Regulation to Remove Volatile Formaldehyde for Improving Indoor Air Quality 2017-10-01  
ELSE1 中華水電冷凍空調雜誌 2018-02-01  
ELSE1 冷凍空調技師 2017-06-01  
ELSE1 智動化 SmartAuto 2016-10-01  
SCI Sustaintability 2017-08-01  
SCI Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 2017-04-01  
SCI Applied Thermal Engineering 2017-03-01  
SCI Atmosphere 2017-01-01  
SCI applied thermal engineering 2017-01-01  
ELSE2 International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechatronic and Manufacturing Engineering 2017-06-01  
SCI Microsystem Technologies 2017-06-01  
SCI Building and Environment 2017-05-01